Our Mission

What is TEMI?

TEMI is Teaching English Methods Institute, a community of teachers, administrators and organizations involved with teaching English in Japan from preschool to adults. It is an NPO teacher-support network and an idea pool that has officially served the English teaching community of Japan since 1996.

Upcoming Seminar Info

A huge thank you to all the wonderful teachers who attended our TEMI 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th carat seminars in 2017.
We were happy to meet and share with many dedicated teachers throughout Japan. We look forward to continuing on our journey to further elevate the level of English teaching in Japan in 2018. We cannot do it alone; we need talented and devoted teachers like YOU.

Our 2018 TEMI Schedule will be announced in December. Please check back with us then.

In the meantime, we are accepting applications for TEMI Teacher of the Year. The deadline is applications is December 5, 2017.
Please look here for details:

Happy Fall to everyone!

YOU are cordially invited
to attend our
TEMI Fukuoka Seminars
Attending TEMI Fukuoka Seminar benefits include chances to:
* Tour Little America School/ view classroom set-ups/take pictures
* See Little America students in action/take pictures
* Interview students after observing their class
* Browse through Little America Book Store products first hand/ ask
questions /receive consultation/see bargains
* Place orders directly with our Little America Mail Order Service & receive the
Special TEMI Member Seminar Day Discount of 25%.
1s carat: 2/26 & 9/3 (10AM-5PM)
2nd carat: 3/26 & 8/27 (10AM-5PM)
3rd carat: 5/21 (10AM-5PM)
4th carat: 9/24 (10AM-5PM)
TEMI-In-house: 8/28-9/1 (11AM-8PM)
(Attendee can decide the number of days)
4th carat Reunion: 11/5 (10AM-5PM)

Please contact Ayumi Kubo for support with inexpensive hotel reservations.

Seminars outside Fukuoka for this winter are:
2nd carat 2/11 Osaka
Osaka Coordinator: David Chandler
7-5 Sakuragicho, Neyagawa, Osaka
TEL 072-380-6818
3rd carat 2/12 Wakayama
Wakayama Coordinator: Tracey Yamamoto
Tracey English School
4 Benzaiten-cho, Wakayama City
TEL 090-1711-9118

TEMI Seminars in other cities can be arranged by TEMI members who can
organize/gather/recruit 10 attendees in their location of choice.
Click here for info:

News Flash!

TEMI In-house seminars

We're are always open to applications for personalized TEMI In-house seminars to suit your needs.
Some schools send their new teachers to us for training. Our attendees have included novices and veterans, Japanese and non Japanese, school owners and staff.
We can make a special time schedule according to your availability and create a special program according to your specific requests.

Our TEMI In-house Seminar is from Monday to Friday, 11:30 to 8PM (30 minutes for lunch).
It includes observation and team teaching of Little America classes, reading & reviewing Little America’s teaching manual, orientation and consultation with Sohei Uchida & Helene J. Uchida, attending teachers’ meetings, Q & A sessions, games & materials explanations and viewing TEMI Seminar DVDs.
One, two, three-day seminars and full week seminars are also available.

Fee: 20,000yen per day (TEMI members: 18,000yen)
Hours: 8 hours per day (including lunch)
For recommendations, please look here:
Sohei and Helene look forward to helping YOU.