2nd Carat (for teachers who attended 1st Carat)

Educational Concepts:

TEMI Principles (review) What are yours?
Room Logistics
Is Something Missing?
Speaking Time
The English Zone
Mutual Respect in Teaching
The ABCs of teaching
Manners Inside the Classroom and Out
What is a Good Teacher?
15 Faithful Promises
Teaching Inspiration from Life Heroes
Goals in Teaching English


Higher Level Warm-ups
Expansion of Self-introductions/listening to others
Manageable Challenges
Hit the Bell
Hot Seat
Student teachers


Challenge Book #2, Diaries,
Self-intro shitajiki, Remember Your Numbers, Jr High Question Box, Fabulous Fruit poster, Vital Vegetable poster, Verb Poster, Greetings Shitajiki
Videos & DVDs: Kyushu Symposium, Fukuoka Pilot School Project
Supermarket Shopping


Picture Word Memory Matching, Sound-tuning, Jr. Scrabble, More Action Verb FC, Match-it-Foods, Twister, Hedbanz, Ramen, World Kids, Around the World

Great Educator:

Harold Gardener: (Multiple Intelligences)


Goals in teaching for both teacher and students

Upon completion of seminar, attendees receive:

TEMI 2nd Carat Certificate
TEMI Reference Booklet
PLUS! Adding your school information (school name, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address) a photo and a short comment on our TEMI Website.