A Teacher is a Gardener

by Helene J. Uchida

I believe a classroom is a garden, the students are seedlings and the teacher is the gardener. Each time the students step into the garden, it is the responsibility of the teacher to orchestrate nourishing activities which enable the students to grow strong and tall into their natural splendor.

The teacher should be patient with the seedlings because no matter how much water or sunshine they receive, they are all individuals and grow at their own rate in their own way; no two are the same. Some students blossom early and some late; some require extra attention and some grow with a wild will of their own. And once in a while, one refuses to grow at all.

But one thing is for sure. If the seeds are not planted, nothing will grow. I am only as good as the flowers which grow in my garden. Over the years many children and parents have put their trust in my care; this has given me a great sense of worth. Now I take great pride in the flowers from my garden, which are scattered all over the world. I am a gardener; I am a teacher; and that has made all the difference.