TEMI’s New & Improved Benefits

You are cordially invited to join our TEMI Teaching Team to elevate your English teaching know-how and credentials to the next level…

ALL TEMI Members Are Entitled to the Following Benefits:

*20% discount on Little America Mail Order purchases
*10% discount on TEMI seminars conducted nationwide
*20% discount for Little America lessons
*20% discount for TEMI consultations with Founders:
          Helene J Uchida in English/Sohei Uchida in Japanese *
*FREE Access to LIVE TEMI conferences held 2 times a year (to be announced)


*Eligibility for TEMI Teacher of the Year Award
(applications accepted each August/Announcement in January)
*Little America bilingual GAME KIT: How to play most popular EFL games
*Advance notification of new Little America products and bargain sales
*Inclusion in TEMI Teacher’s Network, which helps TEMI teachers find other TEMI teachers when their students relocate to another area in Japan

NEW Membership procedure:

  • Annual TEMI Membership fee: 3,000 yen. Automatic renewal plan for continuing members: 2,000 yen.
  • How can I register? 
  • Over Internet: 
    http://temi.or.jp/temi-application?lang=en (English)
    http://temi.or.jp/temi-application (Japanese)

    Contact TEMI’s National Coordinator directly: coordinator@temi.or.jp
    Contact Little America Mail Order Service: mailorder@littleamerica.co.jp

We look forward to helping YOU help your students.

* Please note that your TEMI member status will automatically upgrade to “Master TEMI Teacher” upon completion of the TEMI 3rd Carat Seminar.

* Consultation

TEMI Exclusive Consultation Service (for TEMI Members Only)

TEMI is passionate about extending support to teachers who are seeking to make a positive contribution to the lives of young people and communities across Japan.

Sohei (in Japanese) and Helene Uchida (in English) are available for consultations exclusively with TEMI members.

Based upon their 30 years of operating their own Little America English School, hiring and training teachers, their broad range of education experience at various schools including public, private, eikaiwa, nursery and cram schools, plus universities, the Uchidas are eager to be of support to TEMI teachers. Their expertise ranges from teacher training to creating interactive lesson plans, materials, strategies, programs and curriculum development, along with teacher training, coordinating a three-year pilot program in a Japanese elementary school, being guest speakers on English education for Boards of Education and presenting at the Fukuoka America Center.

Their credentials are as follows:

Sohei Uchida Sohei Uchida

Fukuoka Assemblyman (12 years) (Chairman of Education Committee) TEMI Executive Director Little America President TEMI Seminar Presenter (in Japanese) 6th degree black belt Taught judo in Athens, Greece Copenhagen, Denmark New York, USA

HeleneHelene Uchida

Former New York teacher, University lecturer (Seinan Gakuen/Fukuoka University of Education/Temple University/Fukuoka Women’s University/Chikushi Women’s College) Challenge Book author, Little America principal, Japan News Columnist (Primary Advice), ELTnews columnist (Kids’ World), TEMI founder & presenter

Most common topics of concern for teachers include:


Behavior issues Speaking Japanese Homework Overcoming shyness Fear of making mistakes Inability to work independently Individual differences Sempai/kohai relationships Fostering cooperation Motivation/Encouragement/Recognition Discipline Absenteeism/Tardiness


Acknowledging helpful parents Advising parents on how to give English support Developing trust with parent Dealing with       Realistic requests       Unrealistic demands       Parent wanting to be in class with child       Lack of support at home       Wanting child to graduate early



Class size/length/lesson format Special events Parent observation Determine class by age or ability Siblings in the same class Class leader Formats When to graduate Tuition Curriculum Lesson plans Expectations Standards Drills Error corrections Songs Peer teaching


How to recruit/screen/train How to hire/fire Ongoing training Observation Discipline Standards Native or non-native English speaker


Student materials Class materials School materials


Consultation rates are as follows:

TEL Consultation: 5,000 yen for one call up to 30 minutes. Please contact Yuki Matsubara to make a reservation, arrange the date, time & language preference <coordinator@temi.or.jp>.

Email Consultation: 3,000 yen up to three questions. Please send your email questions to Yuki Matsubara <coordinator@temi.or.jp>.

All TEMI members receive a 20% discount for consultations. It is our pleasure to be of support to dedicated English teachers nationwide.