TEMI Teacher-training Seminars to restart ONLINE!

We are happy to announce that TEMI Teacher-training Seminars, which were postponed due to the COVID19 Virus, will restart as ONLINE SEMINARS so you can join us from the comfort of your homes.

First, we will hold our TEMI Online Conference on Sun., June 28, from our TEMILIVE FB account.

6/28 11AM-12PM Online Conference:
“Online Lessons during this Challenging Time” led by Helene and Soshi Uchida

Second, we will start our ONLINE TEMI Teacher-training Seminars via ZOOM.

Here is the revised schedule for our Online TEMI seminars:

7/5  9AM-12PM Teaching methods for Elementary School
7/12   9AM-12PM Teaching materials for Elementary School

8/2  9AM-12PM Teaching methods for Jr. High and High School
8/9  9AM-12PM Teaching materials for Jr High and High School

9/27   9AM-12PM Teaching methods for Adults
10/4   9AM-12PM Teaching materials for Adults

*All TEMI Seminars will be led by Helene J. Uchida

We look forward to seeing YOU ONLINE!

TEMI’s 2nd Teacher-training seminar of 2020 to be held on March 8th

This popular seminar will focus on teaching elementary school students and will cover formats, warm-ups, self-introductions, games, manageable challenges, experiential activities, and many more!

TEMI Elementary School Seminar

Date: March 8th (Sun), 2020
Time: 10:00AM-1:00PM Methods for Teaching Elementary School Students
          2:00PM-5:00PM Elementary School Materials That Work
Cost: Each TEMI half-day Seminar is 5,000 yen
           (4,500 yen for TEMI Members)
          Two seminars in one day is 9,500 yen
           (8,500 yen for TEMI Members)
Application Deadline: March 2nd (Mon).
For further details, please click here:

TEMI Gratitude Journal 2019

We all have stories to share about the wonder of teaching English.
I would like to invite you to share your student success stories with fellow TEMI members for our upcoming “TEMI Gratitude Journal” which we will send to TEMI members in December.
Submission deadline: Nov. 8th
Approx. 500 words in English / 1000-1200 letters in Japanese
Please send to Sakiko Kojima at TEMI.
We look forward to reading your stories!


Superlative endorsement from ESL College President

When I entered the room on the first day of the Osaka TEMI Seminar, the first thing that caught my eye was a bell.
It triggered recall and was a flashback to the past.

Then I remembered!

How innocent I was back then! The woman standing in front of me, Helene, she was the one who changed my life!
I opened a school ten years ago because Helene sensei said I could do it!

Back then I knew nothing and had nothing. But within my grasp was an obscure image of ME teaching English.
Fortunately, around that time, I joined a TEMI seminar (which was called LATEM then). It made all the difference.

I learned a lot like everyone who joined. However, to be honest, I didn’t and don’t follow TEMI teaching method as she prescribed it. This doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. I just created my own school and its curriculum in the image I imagined. My school does not teach “eikaiwa”. Instead our concept is “Experiences in English”.
At this recent Osaka seminar, to my amazement, I realized a lot of TEMI spirit permeates through our school.
Till the day I joined the TEMI seminar for the second time, I actually had not realized that TEMI spirit is everywhere in my school. The students are our guests. We don’t have to be entertainers. We don’t explain; we just do!

There are so many seminars available these days, but the TEMI seminar is the only seminar which encourages you to be a real teacher. Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending TEMI. It may change your life like it changed mine.

Hisano Ito
ESL College President