TEMI Master Teacher Seminar

Attendee Requirements: Attendees must have attended ALL 8 of the TEMI Mini Seminars (or lst/2nd/3rd Carat Seminars).
Attendee Preparation:

  1. Submit a question about teaching English to youngsters to Helene Uchida at The Japan News via email at jn-edu@yomiuri.com or FAX at (03)3217-8247 prior to the TEMI Master Teacher Seminar.
  2. Prepare a 1-page paper on what your English teaching principles are.
  3. Prepare a list of what your goals are for your students and yourself.
  4. Read articles from TEMI Teacher Library: Daily Yomiuri, Teachers’ Helper & ELT News: http://temi.or.jp/teacher-training-library?lang=en
    Make a short presentation on how you incorporated two TEMI methods/concepts in your classroom.
  5. Show a 5-minute video or DVD of you teaching your class.
  6. Share one success story about one of your students or classes. All of the above will be presented to the participating members and discussed.

TEMI Master Teachers Benefits

Attendees who successfully complete the TEMI Master Teacher seminar requirements will receive:
* A TEMI Master Teacher Certificate
* Recognition for having completed the full TEMI Teacher-Training Program and be spotlighted on the TEMI website
* Opportunity for training to become a TEMI seminar presenter/trainer in their area in the future
* Opportunity for training to become to be a Little America presenter for book stores in their area in the future
* PLUS! The option of becoming a Little America Member School (upon our approval) and be able to use our logo on your website for a yearly fee of 25,000 yen a year. This will entitle you to a Little America Member School certificate for you to hang in the lobby of your school.