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#1 Successful Methods/Tempo#2 Essential Materials/Format#3 Attaining Teacher Standards:#4 Games to Activate English#5 Elevating Student Standards:#6 Interactive Presentations/Motivating Students/Songs#7 Classroom Behavior/Atmosphere/Rules#8 Goals for Students & Teachers/Parent Consultation & Observation etc.
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All TEMI seminar fees are pre-paid. The payment deadline is one week prior to the seminar.
The charge for your TEMI booklet & the TEMI certificate are included in the fee.

Bank Info:
  1) Nishinippon City Bank, Ozasa Branch
      Saving account 1057062
      Eigokyojuho Kenkyukai, Rijicho Uchida Sohei
  2) Yucho Bank, Symbol 17490 Number 19503301
      Tokuhi Eigokyojuho Kenkyukai

Cancellations are accepted, but there will be a 1,500 yen preparation fee per 3 hour seminar for cancellations received from 5 days before the seminar until the seminar day. The balance will be returned within one week and we will mail you the TEMI booklet by the following week.