Little America Sister School Program

Little America Sister School

Little America’s Sister School Program is available to TEMI members who have participated in a TEMI Seminar. The program has been developed to provide additional support, materials and training required by the growing number of English Schools across Japan. Becoming a Little America Sister School gives you the opportunity to utilize Little America’s thirty years of experience in all vital areas of an English School, such as class structure, methods, materials, recruit assistance, staff education, marketing, problem-solving support, and a wealth of information and insight into what makes a school successful in Japan. Our Little America Sister Schools have been especially selected to join our team because their facilities have the talent, skill and potential to make studying English a meaningful experience for their students. We stand assured that our Sister Schools hold the same high standards that Little America does and enjoy working openly with our associates in creating strong, long-term and prosperous relationships. The cost of becoming a Little America Sister School is 150,000 yen per annum and 100,000 yen for subsequent years. This includes the benefits listed below and guarantees that you are the only Little America Sister School in your territory.

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Sister School Benefits

1. Little America Sister School Certicate for lobby.
2. Little America company booklet to provide the parents for credibility.
3. Free annual TEMI Association membership.
4. 50% discount for TEMI Pioneer / Group Seminars for one teacher, and 25% discount for other teachers.
5. 30% discount for TEMI In-House Seminar.
6. 25% discount when ordering from the Little America Mail Order Service (except EFL texts).
7. Monthly consultation service via email, fax and telephone.
8. The inclusion of your school on the Little America’s web-site and a link to your web-site if available.
9. Copies of class formats.
10. Back monthly copies of Teacher’s Helper Newsletter, Daily Yomiuri, and elt news.
11. A copy of the Challenge Book video.
12. Receipt of the Little America logo image or a hard copy of it so that you can use it when you make your original brochure.