15 Faithful Promises

by Helene J. Uchida

  1. I will respect my students no matter what their level is. If I show respect to them, they will naturally reflect that respect back to me, to their peers and to themselves.
  2. I will always be prepared for class but will always allow room for changes based upon the flow of the lesson and the energy/mood of the students.
  3. I will remember that no two classes are the same. What works in one class may not work in another.
  4. I will be firm, friendly, fair and focused in my approach.
  5. I will delegate, facilitate and guide my students to take charge with the challenges each class presents to them.
  6. I will use English as a tool to enable my students to become independent and confident.
  7. I will teach English with a message, meaning students should be polite to me, to guests and to each other; courtesy ignites courtesy.
  8. I will create positive experiences for each lesson so my students feel like each class is a special encounter.
  9. I will encourage students to take responsibility for the class, for our work, for our progress, for inter-personal relationships.
  10. I will be strong with my praise and gentle with my criticism.
  11. I will give students signals to maintain my connection with them by pointing, gesturing, directing, smiling, reacting, dipping my head when they speak, pondering what they say, and by genuinely responding to who they are and what they feel.
  12. I will be sincerely interested in what my students have to say. I should ask about family members, clubs, joke, hobbies, vacations, jobs, health, favorite movies, singers, opinions, complaints, and dreams.
  13. I will always seek ways to improve my teaching by reviewing new materials and attending educational presentations.
  14. I will learn from my students. Observing them and how they respond to my lessons is the best self-help training course I could ever take.
  15. I will let each student feel he/she is special in my eyes because it is true. Everyone is special.