Classroom Logistics and Atmosphere

by Helene J. Uchida

Is your classroom welcoming?

The following are positive items that help make students feel “at home” and welcome in your classroom, whether it be in a school or at your own home. We have also included items which the teacher should constantly have on hand to support the flow of the learning in the classroom. How many of them are you using?

Necessary Items Purpose
Teacher chalkboard or white boards/erasers for grammar points, examples
Student chalkboard or white boards/erasers for students to write names or grammar points
Desks or tables chairs, stools for sitting or writing
Observer’s seat(s) for observer to watch class
Chalk, white board markers (different colors) for blackboard/white board
Waste paper basket for garbage
Scotch tape for dictionary words or workbooks
Glue for dictionary words or workbooks
Scissors for workbooks
Extra pencils and erasers for students who forget or observers
Red pens for teacher to correct workbooks, notebooks
Color pencils for students’ workbooks
Stars and stickers for perfect homework assignments
Clock as a reference or teaching tool
Calendar as a reference or teaching tool
Tissues for running noses!
Thermometer if a student is sick
English to Japanese dictionary as a reference
Japanese to English dictionary as a reference
English to English dictionary as a reference
Extra notebooks or paper for students or observers
Pencil sharpener for pencils and color pencils


Atmosphere Items Purpose
Posters (ABC Fun, Daily English, One World) for decoration, reference, warm-up resource
CD or tape recorder, English music recordings for background music, welcome and departure
Vase of fresh flowers for a touch of nature
Plants for a touch of nature
Floor mat for games on the floor
Flag(s) for decoration
Globe for reference or warm-ups
Bulletin board with pictures of students to give students recognition
Bulletin board with samples of students’ writing to give students recognition
Music box background music for workbook completion
Puzzles student activity
Flash cards student activity
Color chips rewarding students who answer
Games student activity
Newspapers, magazines, catalogs outside English reading for students
Musical instrument (guitar, flute, electric organ) for singing in English
Scratch paper to send notes to office
Learning centers and bulletin board exhibits for theme (birthdays, holidays) presentations
Mirror to brighten up the room

Lobby: video, chairs, benches, toys for youngsters, homework chair/desk, photo albums of your school, tissue, English picture books, suggestion box, information on your school.