Seminar Recommendations

Via TEMI‘s seminars, Helene hopes to continue generating success stories like these listed below:



Thank you very much for the wonderful Takamatsu English seminar. It was only three hours, but the things I have learned were great.

I knew that teachers should give the students the opportunity to practice with a partner during English lessons especially for warming up, but recently I have started to do another type of English activity where the teacher asks and students answer. So I was using teacher-student, not student-student. This method is also has some advantages and students enjoy it, but when you have more than thirty or forty students in the classroom, it is very difficult to involve all of them in the process. Some of them speak quietly or don’t speak at all hope that other students do it.

You reminded us that working in pairs is a basic and very effective way to practice English conversation. Last week I tried this method at an elementary school with big classes and also in my English school with small classes. The children really enjoyed having conversations with their friends: they corrected each other’s mistakes and helped each other. The most important thing was that all of them spoke English.

I am sure that these kinds of seminars are very useful for all English teachers in Japan. They help us make our lessons better and develop our teaching skills.

Thank you.

Veronikia Fujimoto, TEMI 2nd Carat, Kochii

There are a number of things I like about the TEMI seminars:

  1. The time, effort and love Helene and Sohei put into the events.
    It is obvious that they enjoy them as much as we attendees do.
  2. The amount of information we receive is wonderful, very hands-on and useful.
  3. We, as attendees, are given plenty of time to share our experiences, thoughts and concerns. It’s the perfect opportunity to be able to help each other be better teachers.
  4. And there is always lots of playtime! We get to experience what our students

experience with so many games and tools provided by TEMI

Leslie M. Nielsen, TEMI 3rd Carat, Yokosuka

I have traveled from Osaka fo join this TEMI 3rd Carat Seminar because TEMI Seminars are always very informative, educational and fun. Every day we are teachers in our classrooms, so it is nice to be a student for a day and learn from so  many bright and gifted people. I cannot wait for the next one!

David Chandler, TEMI 3rd Carat, Fukuoka

I would like to say THANK YOU, of course to Helene and Sohei-sensei, but also to the other attendees who shared their experiences and skills. Teaching students at junior high and high school gives me a lot of challenges, but I always try hard to motive my students so they can have some wonderful, valuable moments with English. TEMI always give me good advise and teaching `spice’. Hope to see everyone again!

Haruna You, TEMI 3rd Carat, Fukuoka 

I had a great time at the TEMI Seminar. I will definitely be using some of the methods in my classes. I also enjoyed meeting other teachers, and it was encouraging to hear their stories. I look forward to the next seminar.

Jamie Tomada, TEMI 3rd Carat, Fukuoka

Every seminar I have attended has been highly informative and instructive. I have employed  many ideas in my classes; the results have been encouraging and positive. Children love TEMI’s simple, quick tempo methods and are eager to not only impress their teachers and classmates with their new-found skills, but also happily  impressed with themselves when they realize how enjoyable learning English can be.

Steuart Moore, TEMI 3rd Carat, Fukuoka

I have attended three TEMI seminars in the past two years and find the TEMI methods very effective in our classes. Repetition and reinforcement are very important parts of learning, especially for young students. Attending the seminars reinforces my own understanding of the TEMI methods. More importantly, the seminars give me a chance to see how other teachers use the TEMI methods in their own way. Always lots of great ideas!

Launa Karasuno, Wakayama(2016 Wakayama seminar attendee)

I am eager to learn more from you. I’m looking forward for the next 2nd carat seminar, if not here in Wakayama, at least somewhere near here. it really was an honor for me that I was able to meet someone like you who is a very kind and wonderful person inside and out. I was VERY inspired by the TEMI seminar and thank you for being so generous.


Janice Uetsugu, Wakayama(2016 Wakayama seminar attendee)

Thank you for the great, inspiring workshop.
It meant a lot to me. I realized that I had forgotten some things from the in-house seminar last June. This workshop was a great chance to refresh my memory.
Meeting such enthusiastic teachers was a lovely experience, too. They helped me think there are many more things I could learn and do in my teaching. I’m grateful that you gave me this wonderful opportunity.
Takako Nishinami, Okayama
(2016 Fukuoka seminar attendee)

This TEMI seminar gave me all the knowledge that will help me improve and become a good, effective teacher. The seminar was an encounter and an open door leading me to a higher level of teaching. I highly recommend TEMI Seminars to people aspiring to become better English teachers in Japan.

  Evelyn Miura Matsumoto, Nagano

There was so much detail, so many ideas both new and old. My goal in attending was to be stimulated, and there was plenty of that. Plus I was able to check and see if what I’ve been doing all this time is okay and learn where I need to improve. Many thanks for providing such a wonderful space and so much valuable information. It was also great fun to participate in so many different activities.  

Leslie M. Nielsen Yokosuka

“Helene, I know you’ve received hundreds of gratitude, friendship and honor from hundreds of English teachers. But still, and again, let me tell you that you are my mentor, star, goal and ideal. You are the one who woke me up, dug my hibernating passion form the frozen ground and shook my shoulders.”

Rika Kubota, Miyazaki

“I’ve started warm ups with my posters, and when I added the dictionary work and the iPod listening task, the room was perfect! I’ve always struggled to get students not to speak to each other in Japanese, but now they are so busy and concentrating on what they were doing; they didn’t have time to! I’m so happy and excited being able to start something new. Your workshops always refresh me and have me coming home reinvigorated! I can’t wait for the 2nd carat in February.”

Tracey Yamamoto, Wakayama

Truth be told, the seminar was really educational, informative and well coordinated by Helene and Sohei. I was glad I took part in it. I especially learned some valuable strategies and teaching methods which I hope to adopt and adapt onwards. Helene’s passion was affectionately felt as she meticulously took us through all the steps outlined and intermittently paused to elicit responses, comments, questions and what we had to say along the way. The seminar also reinforced some positive things we have been doing and also touched on ways to deal with individual differences in the English class. Sohei’s technique and demonstration of how to teach learners to use the dictionary was brilliant. “Truly, doing it is the best way of learning it.” Great Sohei! The most stimulating and emotional part for me was the last part where Helene and Sohei addressed real concerns and challenges we, as English teachers, were going through and gave each and everyone of us solid, tried and tested solutions to go about them carefully in our schools, should those problems rear their ugly heads again. It was quite clear as we shared that none of us with our challenges was alone. The problems or challenges run through all schools and the ideas expressed by Helene and Sohei were right on, and I take this opportunity to commend them for a GREAT JOB done. Kudos! I will definitely look forward to the second carat next year. Until then, I congratulate the entire team of the first carat on a successful seminar conducted this year. For all who helped behind the scenes in support of Sohei and Helene Uchida, I say THANK YOU and keep being inspirational cause that is what TEMI is all about. Long live TEMI, long live LITTLE AMERICA.

Winfred Quashie, Iwate

The last two days (Saturday and Sunday) were wonderful with TEMI and all its teaching techniques and passionate participants. It was a great workshop because it was not only a teaching/learning time but also a sincere discussion between the teachers, from teacher to teacher, about the real problems we face with our jobs. Please let me know when the next TEMI seminars are available as soon as you schedule them.

Mariana Senda, Tokyo

“I was once invited to a TEMI seminar held at Waseda University and was moved by Helene J. Uchida’s teaching ability. There she was teaching, like a fish swimming in water. I felt she was born to teach.”

Kaichi Ito President of the Japan Association of English Teaching in Elementary Schools Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Gakugei University

“I’m a Japanese secretary at an Eikaiwa school. I know TEMI Seminar is aimed for teachers but I’d recommend secretaries to experience this so that they could work with teachers having the same vision for their own school. I think I learned alot about not only teaching skills but about life and how to work with people (both kids and adults). To love and respect them, to think well what they need and what they like. I am not a teacher but I’m glad that I took a TEMI seminar as a student.”

Asami Harada (TEMI Seminar attendee)

“I enjoyed the seminar very much and I have already begun to use some of the techniques I learned there. It was a great learning experience for me and I will never think about my classes the same way again.”

Carla Minter (TEMI Seminar attendee)

“I was in a teaching slump before I attended the TEMI Seminar, but everything changed after six hours of exciting, interactive methods which taught me how to bring out the best in my students. My classes have been moving fast-forward ever since.”

Jennifer Macrae (Fukuoka Seminar attendee)

“The TEMI tour introduced me to Little America and their well-founded teaching system. It was a perfect match for my school and there has been no looking back since. Even for schools with their own system in place, the TEMI seminars offer valuable advice for teachers ever seeking to improve their teaching ability. Thank you Little America for offering a great service!”

Regis de Lavison Managing Director AGORA (Fukushima Seminar attendee)

“The TEMI Seminar taught me how effectively and efficiently a well-organized class works. The many warm-ups and games I experienced in this seminar were all put to use the very next day! As a result, I saw children in my class suddenly get active. And the most important thing I learned through this seminar was, not only English teaching methods, but also what kind of children’s English teacher I should aspire to become.”

Junko Inomata (Akita Seminar attendee)

“I was so happy to join the TEMI seminar. I’ve learned a lot. For example, how we use games according to the student’s levels. All the attendees were impressed by the TEMI principles. They are wonderful. I’d love to spread the word about TEMI to people interested in good teaching.”

Yoko Sasahara (Fukuoka Spring Pioneer 1st carat 2010 attendee)

“It was a good refreshment I shared by attending TEMI seminar. Simple, correct English is what kids in Japan like. They enjoy the TEMI method I follow. The feed back of the kids encourages me to face another challenge. I will recommend this to Elementary School teachers too.”

Ann Umeda (Fukuoka Spring Pioneer 2nd carat 2010 attendee)

“Thank you for the chance to take part in the Osaka seminar. I have used some of the strategies that we practiced and discussed since that time. One of the biggest changes in my classes that I have noticed is SMILES! Yes, the third graders are always smiling with me but even the fourth graders and fifth graders are smiling too! The kids really get into it doing the ABCs or number practice in groups of 2s and 4s. It is fast, interactive and it is something that they are engaged in. Being happy is a good thing, and I love to see the excitement and smiles about studying English. That has been a great gift to me and my students. I am very thankful. ”

Jeff Houser (Osaka Seminar 2010 attendee)

“I am glad that I took the 1st Carat Temi seminar. I learned so many precious things both in the morning and in the afternoon session. I feel now even more determineted to do well in my teaching career in Japan. I would like to remain in contact with you, Ms Helen and Mr Sohei. Thank you very much.

Francesco Romito (Fukuoka Summer Pioneer 1st carat 2012 attendee)

“When I was searching for teaching materials, I found out about the TEMIseminar. I was interested in the seminar, but Fukuoka was so far. I applied for the Tokyo seminar through the Filipino Teachers Community. Helene Uchida has power in her eyes and through her talking, so I could learn many things from her. I want to join if there is a seminar in Tokyo again. Thank you very much.”

Akiko Nagashima (Tokyo 1st carat Group seminar 2013 attendee)

“Thank you very much for sharing your proven, effective ideas in teaching step by step, specifically and patiently. And most of all, for teaching us from the heart.”

Gemma Harada (Tokyo 1st carat Group seminar 2013 attendee)

“This seminar is well organized. The topics that were discussed were very easy to understand. The presenter is very good, and it reflects her long years of experience in teaching. I learned a lot from this seminar and it will help me a lot when I start teaching.”

Ma. Viktoria Purif Kiocho (Tokyo 1st carat Group seminar 2013 attendee)

“I’m very impressed with TEMI’s way of teaching. I’ve been attending seminars before and it’s my first time to see a very lovely couple team. I love it very much. Thank you for a very fruitful day. Love your teaching materials.”

Liza Murata (Tokyo 1st carat Group seminar 2013 attendee)