TEMI Teacher’s Library

In our effort to support novice and veteran English teachers, TEMI has compiled a Teacher Training Library. It has been brought to our attention that many teachers, who are out there “doing it on their own”, are in need of more support or direction. It is our hope that our years of experience and the articles Helene Jarmol Uchida has written over the years will help you bring out the best in your students and enable you to achieve the success in the classroom both you and your students deserve.

Teacher’s Helper Articles

These are featured articles from ‘Teacher’s Heleper’, a teaching newsletter edited by Helene J. Uchida. A specific aspect of teaching English in Japan is featured in each issue.

The Japan News Articles

The Japan News is the English language edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun. Helene J. Uchida writes the Primary Advice articles, feature articles of the Language Connection. The articles are included in this library with permission from the publisher.

Topic(s) the japan news PDF version
  Finding constructive ways to channel the energy of ‘hyperactive’ children
  Opening a new world to preschool children through sight, sounds, touch
  More the merrier for younger children
  Focusing on Christmas vocabulary, customs can pique children’s interest
  It’s never too early for children to start learning a second language
  No simple solutions on dealing with ‘monster parents,’ despite best efforts
  Battling English on 2 different fronts
  Handling sibling dynamics in classroom
  Make ‘no Japanese’ rule clear in lesson
Topic(s) the daily yomiuri TEXT version
  Manners matter in the classroom
  What’s in a name? Everything.
  Mistakes aid learning experience
  ‘Eigo Noto’ fails to hit mark
  Remembering Students’ Names
  ‘Recycle’ English for retention
  Warm up class with a cup of tea
  Games for learning, not just fun
  Starting with English at the right time
  What is a Good Teacher?

ELT News Articles

Helene J. Uchida writes featured articles for two sections of the ELT News website: Game Corner and Kid’s World. The articles are indexed here, with links to the ELT News website.