TEMI Internship

TEMI Internships

A TEMI Internship can be an interesting, challenging,  and rewarding way to learn about English teaching in Japan. It can be a “test drive” for learning the rudiments of EFL education. By spending time in our office, you’ll see first-hand how an English school operates and how English classes are taught for all levels, from preschool to elementary school to junior high and high school and adults. You’ll learn from caring professionals who have the experience you’re looking to gain.

What It Is

Like a semester in university, our TEMI internship is a position that lasts five months. It is set up with specific guidelines and responsibilities in our NPO organization. The hours are flexible, about 15 hours per week.
Our internship is a great opportunity to gain exposure and experience in operating a business in Japan as well as obtaining great insight into proven, practical methods for English teaching. A TEMI internship will and help you develop English teaching and business skills while giving you a good idea if you are suited for English teaching.

What You Get

Experience. There is nothing more valuable when starting out. No matter how good your academic or extracurricular performances are in school, future employers may ask what “real” work experience you have had. A TEMI internship will show that you are the kind of person who is willing to “go the extra mile” to do a job well.
It will also give you a distinct advantage over the competition. Good grades, strong character, and an impressive list of extracurricular activities are great, but an internship can be the deciding factor which can lands you a job over someone else.

What It Can Cost

Quite simply, an internship isn’t about making money. The payment is gaining valuable experience and exposure to an industry you have a keen interest in. You will learn a great deal — the specific skills of English teaching concerning curriculum, lesson plans, materials and how to deal with students, administration, coworkers, and, in the long run, how to rely on yourself. You probably won’t realize just how important these skills and experiences are until the internship is long over.

Intern’s Comment

TEMI is a place where teachers can develop their ability by receiving fresh inspiration.
TEMI’s methods are the result of 30 years experience in the classroom with Japanese learners.
I personally didn’t have much teaching experience (as I am a business person whose goal is to give back to Japanese society through the improvement of education). But the TEMI staff warmly welcomed me. TEMI opened my eyes about English education and instilled in me confidence to teach in the future.

Haruna Webber


TEMI Interns should have the following skills:

  • A strong English ability
  • Computer skills
  • The desire to learn from our expertise and to contribute to our organization

How to Apply:

Please contact Sohei Uchida at TEMI to arrange for an interview.
TEL: 092-521-8826
Email: sohei@littleamerica.co.jp