Teaching Adults

TEMI Online Seminar:
Teaching Methods for Adults

Upon completion of seminar, attendees receive:
  • Adult Teaching English Methodology Certificates
  • TEMI Reference Booklet/TEMI lapel pin

Educational Concepts:

Lesson Formats according to Level

Levels: Pre-English/Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Entering & Leaving the Classroom/Attendance
Warm-ups/Vocabulary/News of the Week/Q & A
Challenge Book Testing/Writing Journal Presentations
Songs/Dictation/Special Demonstrations/TV News Reports/Show & Tell/Hot Seat/Useful Phrases/English Talent Show/Book Reports/Pronunciation/Western Holidays & Customs/Discussion Topics/Western Manners/Travel Stories/Current Events Topics/Favorite Proverbs

English class is the perfect place to “try out” one’s English and make errors.

TEMI Online Seminar:
Teaching Materials for Adults

Upon completion of seminar, attendees receive:

  • Interactive Adult Teaching English Materials Certificate
  • TEMI Reference Booklet

   ★As of 2022, the Teaching Materials Seminar has been held by Little America Bookstore as a FREE Online seminar.  The contents are the same, but booklets and certificates are not presented to attendees.    

Educational Concepts:

Student Materials: Challenge Book #4/Appropriate Text*/
My University Writing Journal/Discussion Topics/Diary
Warm-up Booklet/My Vocabulary Book (Nouns/Verbs)
Little America Adult Notebook

* Suggested Texts: All about the USA/ Takeoff!/
What a Life/What a World/Life Topics/Talk Your Head Off (Teacher’s Choice)

Shitajiki: Greetings/Int’l Traveler/Medical

Posters: One World Map/Emotional Adjectives/Good Jobs

Flash Cards: Giant Action Verb FC/More Giant Action Verb FC/Giant Emotional Adjectives FC

Games: Topic Triggers/Memory Lane/Celebrity Quiz

Room Supplies: Blackboard/Chalk/CD Player Calendar/Clock/Fashion Magazine/Newspapers

Comments from Attendees

Thank you for an exciting and informative seminar. It’s always wonderful to see and feel the passion fellow teachers have.

Upon reflection, there were a few things that stood out for me. “Simple is best” is one of them. Another is Sohei-sensei’s words about graduation. Every March, I dread hearing who is going to be leaving because of their busy schedule. But then there always seems to be someone who works around their schedule so we can continue our lessons….which makes me very happy! And it’s not just the kids with their school activities. Spring is transfer time for many adults, and in the past, many students had to graduate due to new responsibilities. But now with the Internet, we’re better able to juggle our schedules and continue.

I’ve also spent some time thinking about what I can incorporate into my adult lessons starting this week. Your Warm Up Book is getting great reviews as we are all having great fun with it. I have other materials I’ve purchased from you that I haven’t been using lately….it’s time to get them off the shelf .
                                                                                                                                                      Leslie Nielsen, Kanagawa

I am glad I gathered up the courage to join the seminar. As I had been teaching Eiken classes mainly and had little experience with conversation classes, I truly enjoyed all the activities and learned a lot from them! I was also very impressed and moved at how warm-hearted Helene and Sohei are. I felt I must improve myself and try to be more like them. I would like to join TEMI and become a member of the team. 

                                                                                                                                         Takahashi Sanae, Fukuoka

Thank you so much for letting me join the seminar. I had a wonderful time. Please tell me how to join TEMI.

                                                                                                                                          Kazuko Okamoto, Fukuoka