Teaching Junior High & High School

TEMI Online Seminar: Teaching Methods for Jr. High & High School Students

Upon completion of seminar, attendees receive:
  • Junior High & High School Teaching Methodology Certificate
  • TEMI Reference Booklet/TEMI lapel pin

Educational Concepts:

TEMI Principles
Entering & Leaving the Classroom/Attendance/Warm-ups
Self-intro/Manageable Challenges/Language Couplets
Hot Seat/Hit Bell/Tempo/Show & Tell/Presentations
Songs/Dictation/Diaries/TV News Reports/Talent Show/Book Reports/Challenge Book Testing/Western Manners/English Zone/Speaking Time/Four F’s/Mutual Respect/How to Correct in a Positive Way/GOOD Mistakes/Enjoyable English Experiences/Four R’s/Judy Blume: What Are the Four Most Important Topics for Teens?/Adolescent Behavior/Adolescent Questions/Fear of Losing Face/Is Something Missing?/Body Language/Weekly News/Speaking Slowly, Clearly, Loudly with Eye Contact/Listening with your Ears, Eyes and Heart/Communication Is a Two-way Street/Vocabulary Development/Reading/Explore Your Hobby on YouTube in English/Teacher Goals/Students Goals/Interaction Is Cool

Little America Bookstore FREE Webinar for Jr. High and High School Teachers

    ★As of 2022, the TEMI Teaching Materials Seminar has transitioned into the  Little America Bookstore Webinar, which is a FREE event. Attendees receive a PDF with explanations of all the materials to be presented. This is a wonderful chance to receive insight into how good English teaching materials make English come alive in the classroom.


Materials Categories:

Class Materials:
Apple Chips/Hit Bell/Pointer/Clapper
Champion Counters/Bell/Dictionaries
Posters: Good Jobs/Emotional Adjectives/One World Emotional Adjectives
Shitajikis: Greetings/Advanced Self-intro/International Traveler

Student Materials:
Little America Adult Notebook/Challenge Book #3/Passport/Little America Jr. High Workbook/Warm-up Booklet/Take-Off/Free Study Workbooks/My High School Writing Journal/Diary/Vocabulary Champ/Flash Cards: More Giant Action Verbs/Emotional Adjectives
Games: Guess Who/Hedbanz/Watch Out Level 2
Jr High & High School Question Boxes/What Am I?
Watch Out (Level 2)/Topic Triggers/Hangman

Room Supplies:
Teacher & Student Blackboard or Whiteboard/Chalk or Markers/CD Player/CDs of popular English Songs/Calendar/Clock/Fashion Magazine

Comments from Attendees

I truly enjoyed  the TEMI seminars. The positivity coming off them actually left a glow or shine on what we do.  They recharged my batteries." 
                                                                                                            Joel Bryan, Hamamatsu 

I learned a lot from you as always and had a great time talking and sharing ideas with other teachers. I will be looking forward to the next chance!  Again, thank you so much for the great seminar.

 Nahomi Fukuyama, Osaka

I thought the JHS and HS Seminar was very practical. I thought the circle of behavior exercise to set the tone for the year was genius! I will have to implement that in my classrooms!

Amy Okamura, Fukuoka

Thank you for an interesting and informative seminar.  I have already begun implementing some of the ideas in my classes with much success.  It was nice to share ideas, bemoan common problems and get positive feedback from fellow teachers as well. 

Suzanne Moriya, Hiroshima