TEMI Membership Application & Renewal

TEMI is a community of committed teachers, administrators and organizations involved with teaching English in Japan from the preschool and elementary school level all the way to junior high, high school, university and adults.

It was founded by Helene Jarmol Uchida, a veteran English teacher from New York who believes that “kokoro” is missing in Japan’s English education system. Won’t you join us?

Membership Types

TEMI membership is registered on a yearly basis. 

Membership Yearly Fee
TEMI Members 3,000 yen

Member Benefits


  • 20% discount on Little America original items and 10% on others
  • 10% discount on TEMI Online Teacher Training Seminars & TEMI Online Master Teaching Seminars (Discount applies also to TEMI Teacher School Owners and their staff.)
  • 10% discount for Little America lessons for TEMI & family members (beginner/intermediate/advanced)
  • Receipt of our TEMI Gratitude Journal every December (True classroom stories by TEMI Teachers)
  • FREE Access to TEMI online conferences held 3 times a year (Themes to be announced)
  • 50% discount for you and your students who attend WIN (World Interview Network) where we monthly visit foreign countries via Zoom
  • No registration fee for Little America Challenge Book Test Center service


  • Eligibility for TEMI Teacher of the Year Award
    (applications accepted from October/Announcement in January)
  • Little America bilingual GAME KIT: How to play most popular EFL games
  • Advance notification of new Little America products and bargain sales
  • Inclusion in TEMI Teacher’s Network, which helps TEMI teachers find other TEMI teachers when their students relocate to another area in Japan


“TEMI has changed my life. Not only have I learned great teaching techniques, I’ve also met great people who support and encourage me. I recommend TEMI to any teacher, novice or veteran."

Tracey Yamamoto, Tracey English School, Wakayama

“TEMI has been a wonderful support system for my school. We are now operating in 4 locations with over to 600 students. One of the reasons for our amazing growth has been the strength that TEMI provides for its members."

David Chandler, ABC DAVID’S English School, Osaka

​​​​​​​I have attended over 30 TEMI seminars because they not only teach me practical teaching skills but also nourish me with meaningful educational philosophy.“

 Yoko Sato, retired public elementary school teacher, Fukuoka

​​​​​​​I learned more about teaching in the one week TEMI In-house than I did from a year and a half of grad school.“ 

Jon Bauer, Hirosawa English School, Hamamatsu

“I have attended many TEMI seminars. After every seminar, I return home with something new that I can immediately use in my lessons.” “

Veronika Fujimoto, Happy Smile English School

“I learned important things from Helene. TEMI is not only about teaching methods; its about how to care for our students, too. I made precious friends at TEMI seminars. Joining TEMI can make a difference in your career.”

Tetsuko Nishimura, Sunny Five English, Osaka

Member Registration



Please transfer your payment to:

Eigokyojuho Kenkyukai
 1) Nishinippon City Bank, Ozasa Branch Saving account 1057062
 2) Yucho Bank, Symbol 17490 Number 19503301

Nonprofit Organization Teaching English Method Institute
3-6-21 Ozasa, Chuo-ku Fukuoka, Japan 810-0033
Phone: 092-521-8826 Fax: 092-521-2288

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