Teaching Preschool

TEMI Online Seminar:
Teaching Methods for Preschoolers

Upon completion of seminar, attendees receive:
  • Preschool Teaching English Methodology Certificate
  • TEMI Reference Booklet /TEMI lapel pin

Educational Concepts:

Greetings/Self-introductions/TEMI Principles
Why Children Are Quick to Learn
Childhood Learning Stages
Kindergarten Theme Song
Popular Songs & Dances
12 Golden Teaching Tips
Only English
Special Problems
Q & A/Mothers’ Support/Model Lesson Format
Questions & Comments from Attendees

TEMI Online Seminar:
Teaching Materials for Preschoolers

Upon completion of seminar, attendees receive:
  • Interactive Preschool English Teaching Certificate
  • TEMI Reference Booklet

   ★As of 2022, the Teaching Materials Seminar has been held by Little America Bookstore as a FREE Online seminar.  The contents are the same, but booklets and certificates are not presented to attendees.  

Educational Concepts:

Flash cards: Alphabet/Animals (Zoo & Farm)/Food (Fruit & Vegetables)
Posters: Alphabet Fun/Fruit/Vegetables/Cool Colors/Cute Zoo
Animals/Fun Farm Animals/Remember Your Numbers/Body Parts
Storybooks: Clifford/Carl/No, David!/Brown Bear-Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Teacher’s Choice)
Manipulatives: Puppet/Farm Fresh Fruit/Farm Fresh Vegetables/Plastic
Zoo Animals /Farm Friends/Color Threading Beads/Grab Bags by
Theme/Pointer/Music Box/Microphone/Bell/Blanket/Stuffed Animals
Puzzles: See Inside Alpha Peg/See Inside Number Peg/Upper & Lower
Case Alphabet/Alphabet Sound
Games: Flying Tiger Fishing Game (3-4 year-olds)/UNO (for 5-6 year-olds)
Student Materials: Preschool Challenge Book & CD/Wee Sing &
Fingerplay/Wee Sing DVD/My ABCs
Classroom Support: Blackboards/Chalk/Erasers/CD Player
Stamps/Stamp Pad/Seals/Blocks/Coloring Books

Comments from Attendees


The teachers who attended were outstanding and your precious pre-school kids' class was amazing! Fantastic! I think TEMI SEMINARS are a legacy for TEMI members. These training seminars must continue and we must not turn off that torchlight.

Shin’ei Okamoto, Kumamoto

Thank you so much for holding the Preschool Seminar. learned so much from it! The activities were all so wonderful and more than anything, I was so inspired by Helene Sensei's educational philosophy. What other seminar would give us a chance to observe a class in action? TEMI teaches us the TRUTH which is acceptable at all times. That is why I continue to attend TEMI seminars and will surely come to the next as well.

Yoko Sato, Fukuoka